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  Oil Painting Classes and Workshops

For more information about the Open Studio class, Mentor Program, Private Tutorials and lots more classes. please visit my blog at: http://patrickhowe.blogspot.com    

Mentor Program with Patrick Howe

In the mentor program students are working on there own painting projects. The instruction is tailored to the students individual interests. I circulate around the room spending time which each student discussing color palettes, value structure, composition and technique.

Sometimes I present either a demonstration, a talk about painting principles, a talk about art history or give the group short painting exercises. During those rare moments when I am not advising students, I am working on my own artwork and happy to show and discuss what I am doing.

Most students work from photographs. However, a small still life could easily be set up. Some students work flat on tabletops, on tabletop easels, or stand up easels. I can help you photograph still life setups in class.

The teaching style is informative, foundational, and specific to techniques the student wishes to learn. The classroom atmosphere is friendly, supportive and nonjudgmental.


My specialties are oils and watercolor but all nontoxic mediums are welcome.

Thursday nights from 5 to 8 PM.

Enjoy making art, get art supply discounts. Participate in mentor art shows and discover a friendly community.

Membership Fee
The membership fee is $100 per month with a one month minimum.

Some join the program for a few months and others have been in the program for several years.

The program is for almost all levels, though it would not be appropriate for the absolute beginner. Some students are new to painting and others are very experienced. Most participants are adults. The minimum age is 15 years.

Entrance Review

To be accepted into the program you must first make an appointment with me to review and discuss your artwork. Sometimes there is a waiting list.Email: patrick@patrickhowe.com


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