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Introducing Patrick Howe's Book:    
Nominated for the 2014 Robert Motherwell Book Award for outstanding
and original thinking on the topic of Modernism in art.

"The Awakening Artist: Madness and Spiritual
Awakening in Art"
Foreword By Steve Taylor, bestselling author of "The Fall: The Insanity
of the Ego in Human History and the Dawning of A New Era."


Artist and Author
Patrick Howe

Talks and Workshops
Patrick is available to offer
talks and workshops on the
theme of The Awakening Artist.
“. . . it will undoubtedly get
you to think more deeply about
the spiritual nature of what
artists do.”

—Mitch Albalba, artist and author
, Landscape Painting: Essential
Concepts and Techniques for Plein Air Studio Practice

. . . A fresh and open-minded
look at the meaning of art in
the world
of art history.”

—Kathy Kimball, Ed.D, University of Washington

Patrick Howe has been an artist for over forty years. He lives in Seattle, Washington, where he owns and operates Patrick Howe Gallery,sells his artwork, teaches painting classes and writes books.





Excerpts     Table of Contents
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Back Cover
“The Awakening Artist: Madness and Spiritual Awakening in Art”
is an art theory book that explores the collision of human madness
and spiritual awakening in art. It examines a condition of insanity
that can be seen in most art movements throughout art history
and contrasts that insanity with revelations of beauty, wonder
and truth that can also be found in many works of art.
The Awakening Artist references concepts of creativity put
forward by Joseph Campbell, Carl Sagan, Albert Einstein,
Carl Jung and others. Furthermore, The Awakening Artist
discusses many of the world’s most important artists who
explored the theme of awakening in art including Michelangelo,
Paul Cezanne, Claude Monet, Marcel Duchamp, Morris Graves
and many others. Additionally, using concepts of Eastern
philosophy, the book presents the case that human creativity
originates from the same creative source that animates all of life,
and that the artist naturally aligns with that creative source when
he or she is in the act of creating.